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Greater Europe Camping

Camping in Young Life is an experience of a lifetime.
Young Life camping involves high adventure, lots of fun, great food and excellent speakers who understand and respect high school and middle school kids.​ Kids getting away from the pressures of everyday life, having fun with friends and their Young Life leaders, and hearing the message of God's love in terms they can understand. And Young Life camping is open to kids who often are overlooked: those from economically depressed communities, kids with disabilities and teenage mothers.​
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Service Project
Berlin adults and students spent three short days in Poznan, Poland serving a Christian ministry to the homeless and poor called Bread of Life. Although we had no kids sign up from our schools (yet), the Lord put together a team of adults and young people from the Young Life leadership team and our church Crossway in Berlin. This will be a great connection for future service projects. We had the chance to share Christ with 24 year old Alex, a Tartar from Siberia, who converted from the almost exclusively Islamic Tartans to Orthodox Christianity just four years ago. He said a burning in his heart caused him to convert when he walked by an Orthodox church one day. Pray he would fully understand the gospel, and come to a saving knowledge of Christ.
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​Tent Camping in Wales
167 kids from Northern Ireland and Scotland are at camp and to use a UK term they are “gobsmacked”! They love it, have never seen anything like it. True for 90% of the leaders, too, who have never seen a YL camp. Last summer N Ireland took five kids to camp and none have ever gone from Scotland so this is functionally the FIRST summer camp for those two countries and it is going very well indeed! Thanks be to the Lord.​

Camping Growth

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