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National Ministries
National ministries enable our staff to share the message of Christ with local youth of a particular country. We work with Czechs in the Czech Republic, Russians in Russia and Nicaraguans in Nicaragua. Sometimes we operate more in a training mode, helping local youth workers learn about relational outreach. Other times, we work in direct ministry with kids. In some areas, ministry takes place in English (England, Australia and New Zealand); in other countries we communicate using the local language.
International School Ministries
The international schools ministry is unique in its relational ministry to "third-culture kids" who live outside their home countries and usually attend English-based international schools. Their parents often work for multinational businesses, diplomatic agencies, relief and development organizations or the United Nations. Our international schools ministry is active in approximately 18 cities in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean.
Young Life Expeditions are one-week to three-month short-term volunteer opportunities for groups and individuals to serve in countries where Young Life is either currently ministering or being developed. Service trips, seasonal internships and work crew-type experiences are available. Dates vary, but most opportunities are in either the spring or summer. ​


Young Life Military

Young Life's ministry to military youth is in partnership with MCYM (Military Community Youth Ministries), which is actively reaching out to kids on U.S. military bases around the world. In addition to a stateside presence, MCYM serves military teens and their families in 10 European and Asian countries.

Through Amicus International Student Exchange, students from all over the globe come to the United States and live with families who are followers of Jesus Christ. During the school year, the students also have the opportunity to participate in Young Life area activities. They are exposed to the Gospel through host family relationships, churches the families attend and Young Life clubs and camps.
Developing Global Leaders 
Young Life leaders around the world come alongside young people who have the potential to become transformational leaders in their communities and countries. Developing​ Global Leaders offers educational funds, life-skills mentoring and Young Life ministry training for the leaders of tomorrow. Being a sponsor means entering into a relationship that blesses a young person of great promise. For as little as $25/month,
you can make a difference! Learn More. 


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